Accident Repair Hounslow

Company Car Repair

Unlike other repair centres, we complete all repair work at Hounslow Coach Works to manufacturer standards, meaning that your car will retain its value.

All accident repair work is carried out at our bodyshop by our team of highly skilled technicians who have years of experience in repairing cars after accidents, whether this means restoring a car or getting new body panels to match in colour exactly to the older ones, or getting your vehicle running again just as it did before.

Replacement Parts & Accident Repairs

If your car has components damaged beyond repair from an accident, we will replace them with new parts that are sourced only from the recommended manufacturers. This will insure your manufacturers warranty remains intact.

For more information on Hounslow Coach Works and why we choose to source from parts only recommended by the manufacturers themselves, make an enquiry online by filling in the form on the enquiry page, or alternatively you can call us 020 8569 6749.

Car Accident Repair